Quick Break Technology

The non use of quality Quick Break products, poor work practices by employees and a lack of knowledge and hands on experience from the vast majority of cleaning chemical suppliers are major contributors to environmental contamination within the mining, industrial and transport markets. In fact an approx 90% of effluent problems currently experienced on wash down pads and in work shops within these markets can be attributed to these factors.

Because there are no standards in place, cleaning chemical suppliers are free to use the terms Quick Break and Environmentally Friendly when in fact this may not be the case, in broad terms a quality Quick Break product offers rapid degradation of cleaning agents, superior cleaning ability and de-emulsifying ability when the cleaning process is completed.

EcoSmart Chemicals Clean 'n' Green range of superior Quick Break products are manufactured from rapidly biodegrading additives and provide its business partners and customers with the comfort of knowing they are using a product that is truly compatible with all makes and brands of oil and water separators and water recycling systems. This superior range of Quick Break products will ensure a significant improvement on the efficiency of all oil and water separators and water recycling systems.

In addition to supplying the Clean 'n' Green range of superior Quick Break detergents/degreasers, EcoSmart Chemicals ensure their 20+ years of hands on experience and knowledge is not wasted, we can if requested by our customers survey, highlight, educate and train end-users in correct application methods and work practices aiding both environmental and work place health and safety compliance.